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What are NutriGenesis® vitamins and why does MLP use them?

NutriGenesis® vitamins and minerals are grown in a yeast, botanical or probiotic medium through a patented process which mirrors nutrition genesis in nature. Making them 'nature identical' - but cleaner, safer and more bioavailable than typical vitam

What are 'standardised' herbs?

Standardisation is a process where herbs are lab-calibrated to guarantee an exact level of their active botanical compounds. Many factors can affect the potency of herbs, such as poor growing seasons, the time of harvest or environmental toxins. Stan

Does MLP use any artificial additives?

No, none. We strongly believe that synthetic additives have no place in a nootropic supplement. Many manufacturers use additives, which can be counterproductive to brain health - some artificial colors have been shown to be neurotoxic. And some artif

What are NutriCaps®?

Even MLP capsules are good for you. NutriCaps® are 100% plant-based - made from pullulan, which is a type of fermented tapioca. They dissolve easily to optimize absorption and are naturally prebiotic to further promote comfortable digestion. Many man

Are B-vitamin doses in MLP safe? They appear to be higher than the daily recommended amounts.

Yes. Because B vitamins are quickly eliminated from the body and are not easily retained in tissues, overdosing on them is quite uncommon. Adverse effects can appear from prolonged intake of mega-doses; however, those are significantly higher than th

Why is there no Huperzine A in MLP?

We decided against using Hup-A in the formula as it hasn’t been proven suitable for long-term use. Hup-A works by inhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, which is responsible for choline breakdown and, when taken regularly, can lead to an excessi

What form of Lion’s mane is used in MLP?

The Lion's mane we use is a full-spectrum powder containing both fruit and mycelium. This ensures that the powder has all of the active components contained in the mushroom, such as beta-glucans, hericenones, and erinacines.

Where is your Lion’s mane sourced from and how is it produced?

We source our Lion's Mane from a certified 100% organic US supplier. The production process involves growing the mushroom on organic oats followed by air-drying and milling.