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What is a nootropic?

A nootropic is a brain-booster: A natural or synthetic substance that helps to enhance mental performance. Supporting memory, focus, concentration, attention, motivation, relaxation, mood, alertness, stress resistance, and other aspects of cognitive

What is Mind Lab Pro® (MLP)?

MLP is a brain supplement made up of 11 research-backed nootropic ingredients. Targeting multiple brain pathways: brain energy, brain chemicals, brain circulation, brain regeneration, brain protection and brain waves. MLP has been designed as a Unive

Does MLP work?

Yes. MLP has been scientifically proven to work in placebo-controlled human trials, conducted independently by Leeds University (in the UK). The outcomes showed clear evidence of improved ability to concentrate and process information, with a positiv

How does MLP work?

MLP is the world's first Universal Nootropic™ formula. A ground-breaking stack of 11 evidence-backed nootropic ingredients - in advanced forms. Intelligently blended to complement each other and work better together. Making MLP more than the sum of i

Can I try a sample?

Sorry, but no. MLP is a superior quality supplement featuring premium ingredients in advanced forms. In order to keep the formula affordable, we do not offer freebies or samples. We prefer to provide a 30-day performance promise on your first purchas

Is MLP vegan?

Yes. MLP is vegan certified. Made with 100% plant-based ingredients and comes in vegan NutriCaps® - made from pullulan (fermented tapioca).

Are MLP ingredients sustainable?

Sustainability is key to the company ethos. And MLP is the cleanest, greenest brain supplement on the planet. We scour the globe for the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. Our NutriGenesis® B-vitamins have set a new standard in eco-fri

What does MLP's 'clean label' mean?

MLP is the world's cleanest nootropic supplement. Our clean label means that every ingredient is safe, pure and premium quality. With no synthetic additives or preservatives. Non-GMO and non-irradiated.  Contains no soy, egg, fish, dairy, peanut, tre

What kind of quality testing goes into MLP?

MLP undergoes rigorous quality control and quality assurance checks - before, during and after the manufacturing process. Ingredients are quarantined prior to entering our facilities and tested for optimal levels of active nootropics. And certified f

Is MLP legal?

Of course. All the ingredients in MLP are 100% safe, natural and legal all over the world.

Where is MLP made?

Mind Lab Pro® was designed and formulated in the United Kingdom. It is manufactured in two locations.  Both are state-of-the-art, FDA-registered and GMP-certified facilities, one in New Jersey, USA and the other in Ireland.

Can I buy MLP over the counter?

No. MLP is only available online.

What happens when I stop taking MLP?

Quitting Mind Lab Pro will not produce any negative effects, but the cognitive benefits gained with supplementation will slowly regress back to baseline. Our study shows this occurs approximately one month after discontinuing MLP.

Does MLP contain stimulants?

No, MLP does not contain any stimulants.

Who formulated MLP?

The product was formulated by a team of experts, including Dr Ramon Velazquez, PhD. Neuroscientist. In addition, Mind Lab Pro® has been tested for safety and efficacy by the University of Leeds, with Dr Andrea Utley leading the project.

Why is long-term supplementation recommended to experience full benefits of MLP?

Although some MLP ingredients, such as l-theanine, can provide an immediate, short-term boost in cognitive performance, others, such as lion's mane and bacopa monnieri, have a cumulative effect on brain health and function - their effects may take ti

Can I buy MLP over the counter? copy

No. MLP is only available online.