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Is MLP available in my country?Updated a year ago

MLP is available worldwide. However, there are a few countries we are unable to ship to for reasons out of our control. Including:

  • Unreliable carriers in some territories (i.e. Mexico).
  • Post Covid-19 restrictions on the import of supplements (i.e. India, Pakistan, Chile).
  • Customs regulations on certain supplement ingredients (i.e. South Korea, Malaysia).
  • Countries that are internationally blacklisted (i.e. North Korea).

To select the correct store (Global, US, UK, Canada, Australia, EU) to place your order, please use the dropdown menu as found at the top right of the screen, or, at the bottom of the drop down list on the sidebar.

Global & EU store: to find our if we ship to your country, follow these steps: 

1. Add Mind Lab Pro® to your shopping cart. 

2. Proceed to checkout. 

3. Check to see if your country appears on the dropdown list of available shipping destinations.

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